Located in Maryland A Scintillation of Scions, aka Scintillation, is an annual symposium of fans of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We use “A Scintillation of Scions” as a collective noun, like a gaggle of geese. Scion societies, at least in the Sherlockian community, are groups which gather to celebrate and share the hobby of reading and discussing the Sherlock Holmes stories as written by Sir Arthur. With the Baker Street Irregulars as the founding group of Sherlockian societies, offshoots of that group are “scions.”

Scintillation’s mission from the start was as a Sherlockian family reunion, of sorts. Predating the recent surges of interest in Sherlock Holmes, Scintillation was created at a time when all that existed were scion societies and minimal online presence; there were few options for gatherings of Sherlockians from different scions. Scintillation helped to bring the community together to share this wonderful diversion. Since the 2009 release of the first Guy Ritchie film about Sherlock Holmes the community has grown to encompass fans who first met Holmes through those films as well as BBC Sherlock and Elementary. Though each Sherlockian’s focus may differ, we all have in common the original stories. This, in a sense, is our DNA, and connects us all. We welcome all fans of Holmes and Watson.

Our event includes speakers and attendees from around the U.S., with many opportunities for attendees to socialize. At Scintillation old friendships are renewed and new friendships are begun. The camaraderie and long-time friendships of Sherlockians are legendary.

Scintillation is proud to sponsor I Am Lost Without My Boswell. Through the audio drama productions of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Boswell breathes life into the written words of Doyle. The dedication and hard work of David Harnois and the team behind Boswell make Sherlock Holmes accessible to all. This is the spirit which drives Scintillation, and we happily share this spirit with I Am Lost Without My Boswell.

Please Note: Though Scintillation sponsors Boswell, our donations help to cover only a part of the expense involved with such a complex project. Your individual donations can help add more support to bring Sherlock Holmes to everyone.

And consider attending A Scintillation of Scions! You can find information on our website: scintillation.org

Jacquelynn Morris, ASH, BSI

Creator and Organizer, A Scintillation of Scions

Scintillation Committee:

Beth Austin, ASH

Susan Bailey

Deborah Clark, ASH

Carla Coupe

Nea Dodson

Jaime Mahoney

Karen Wilson

Maureen Wynn