For the general audition piece click here.
This is the piece you should record if you want to be considered for any part in any story, or just want to demonstrate a range of vocal ability.  You might just be considered for a part you never expected.  WAV is the preferred file format for all audition submissions.

To audition for a specific character, click on their name below to download a cutting to read.   If you’ve never read the story, you can read it online here.  Distance is not a problem.  We’ve had actors from Canada, Australia, and both coasts of the US.

Please have auditions submitted by the end of January

The Beryl Coronet

21 thoughts on “Auditions

    • Great question, and one I should have clarified in hindsight. Myself as Holmes, and Jens as Watson are the one major fixed point in this whole process. We are in this for the long haul. My sincerest hope is that any of the recurring characters will be played by the same actor/actress, but one only has so much control over things like that.

  1. Do you have any dialect requirements for Lestrade? I know you’ve said you’d like a variety of voices, and I have researched Lestrade and am familiar with his role in the stories, but did you have a specific history or geographic specificity in mind? Thanks!

  2. Hi are there many women roles coming soon? I live in Australia but I would love to help if it’s possible. Please reply as soon as possible.

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